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Katrina Jones, owner and founder, was raised by her grandmother while being surrounded by family members who suffered from mental health issues and substance abuse problems. She became a caregiver to her grandmother while her health declined as well as to family members while they did their best to cope with their limitations. From her own personal experience she understands that it's hard to ask for help. She watched her family members struggle through the process of admitting their declining physical and mental capabilities, while personally experiencing the difficulty in receiving that help for her grandmother as her health declined. Observing the care Katrina's grandmother received helped her realize that Care Specialists should be people who are reliable, responsible, accountable and resourceful. 

Simply A Loving Touch Home Care Services, LLC is designed with not just a service in mind, but the experience of everyone involved. We understand the difficulty of having a stranger come in your home and touch your personal and valuable items. We train our Care Specialists to treat our patients and their belongings with love. We understand that no caregiver will be enough, but we will do our best to give you a superior. joy-filled experience while helping you maintain your self-expression in your daily life. We give a loving touch to your home, spirit and your body.